2018 Common Canvas

Common Canvas is a community-involved art project in conjunction with our annual fundraiser, My Own Two Hands. This year’s project is inspired by our theme “Take Flight” and the continuation of the art installation on the fence at Sisters Elementary School. “Alpine to Desert” is an extension of the 2016 fence artwork created under the guidance of artist Laura Campbell. “Alpine to Desert” will feature over 600 art pieces depicting the flora and fauna of the high desert, including a multitude of birds.

And thus the inspiration for this year’s Common Canvas project. Here’s how you can take part in the fun…


Bid on the “Take Flight” art pieces at Sisters Art Works, April 1 – May 11
You can bid on your favorite pieces at Sisters Art Works at 204 W. Adams Avenue. Bidding will begin April 1 and go through 6 p.m. on Friday, May 11, when the silent auction closes. Once we receive the artwork and photograph it, you will be able to view the finished pieces on our website. Winning bidders will have the option of keeping their bird or donating it to be included in the Alpine to Desert installation if it has been created to be weather resistant. If you choose to donate your piece for the installation, we are happy to issue a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Create a “Take Flight” art piece – artwork is due March 23
We have 25 blank birds available for anyone who would like to finish one and donate it for the silent auction.

Here’s are some details about participating in the project:

  • The birds vary in type and size from small to a few very large eagles & owls. For scale, the booklet in the image is 5.5″ x 8.5″.
  • Finished pieces must be returned by March 23
  • Only birds painted with exterior house paint AND finished on both sides and the edge can be installed on the fence (although it will be the buyers choice if they want to keep it or donate it for that purpose)
  • We require an Art Donation form for each piece – you can pick one up when you get your bird or download it here.
  • You can pick up a bird at our office anytime. We need to know who has them, so please leave your name & email address on the clipboard list when you pick up. The blanks, Donation Forms and sign up sheet are outside our office door at 204 W. Adams Ave, Suite 204.