Alpine to Desert

The project has engaged every student K-5, many 6th-graders, 9th-graders, IEE (Interdisciplinary Environmental Expedition) students and the wood shop. Hoyt’s Hardware provided materials at cost, student Austin Gulick helped cut out the templates at SHS, and Kerry Bott helped with calibrating the CNC machine. The project was coordinated through an artist residency, lead by Laura Campbell.

A community art project, funded by Sisters Folk Festival; The Roundhouse Foundation; and the Studio to School Initiative (a 5-year music and arts initiative funded by the Oregon Community Foundation). Karen Williams and Judy Fuentes, art teachers in the Sisters schools, were instrumental in the creation of the installation.

The project is a continuation of the”River Celebration” art installation on the fence at Sisters Elementary School. In this extension of the installation, the focus is on  the flora & fauna of Central to Eastern Oregon, alpine mountains to the desert. The art pieces depict aspects of the ecosystem and important parts of alpine-to-desert transition zone. Through this project, students learned about the mountains, the high desert and the types of plants and animals that live near and around our home town.